Thomas M. Suszynski




     Year Entered: 2006

     Degrees Received:
     University of Minnesota
     Biomedical Engineering major
     B.Bm.En., 2006

     University of Minnesota
     Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program
     Ph.D., 2012

     Thesis Advisor: Klearchos Papas, Ph.D.

     Thesis Research : Islet transplantation has exhibited therapeutic
     promise in reversing clinical diabetes, but has yet to reach widespread acceptance and utility. One of the major limitations in achieving better outcomes is the poor control over and assessment of the quality of islet preparations prior to transplant. Additionally, it is unclear whether infusion of an islet suspension into the portal vein is the most optimal approach for the transplantation of these grafts. The studies herein aim to develop methods for both improved islet quality as well as improved quality assessment, with an emphasis on developing a non-invasive method based on fluorine magnetic resonance spectroscopy (19F-MRS) that enables real-time, prospective and quantitative characterization of the viability of tissue-engineered islet grafts prior to their eventual transplantation at an extrahepatic site. The technique is based on measuring the average oxygen partial pressure (pO2) within a tissue-engineered graft, and using diffusion-reaction modeling to calculate the fractional viability (based on the oxygen consumption rate [OCR] normalized per DNA content, or OCR/DNA) the tissue seeded into the engineered scaffold. Our laboratory has developed methods for the direct measurement of OCR/DNA in cell and islet suspensions, and these measurements will be corroborated with calculations of OCR/DNA derived of 19F-MRS and subsequent mathematical analysis.

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