Brian M. Andersen


     Year Entered: 2007

     Degrees Received:
     St. Olaf College
     Chemistry major
     B.A., 2005

     Honors and awards:
     -Torske Klubben Fellowship, University of Minnesota Graduate
     School, 2009-2010

     Thesis Advisor: John Ohlfest, Ph.D.

     Thesis Research: The effect of oxygen on the immunogenicity of
     glioma cultures was poorly understood until recently. Early, I
     contributed to the finding that culturing glioma cells for lysates vaccines
     in 5% O2 boosts their efficacy compared the same cell lysates from atmospheric O2. We then identified annexin A2, a molecule upregulated in lysates from 5% O2 .The long-term goal of my thesis is to understand the mechanism by which annexin A2 activates dendritic cells to prime glioma-reactive CD8 T cells.

Ohlfest Laboratory Website:

Publications (pubmed):

Olin MR, Andersen BM, Litterman AJ, Grogan PT, Sarver AL, Robertson PT, Liang X, Chen W, Parney IF, Hunt MA, Blazar BR, Ohlfest JR. Oxygen is a master regulator of the immunogenicity of primary human glioma cells. Cancer Res. 2011 Nov 1;71(21):6583-9.

Olin MR, Andersen BM, Zellmer DM, Grogan PT, Popescu FE, Xiong Z, Forster CL, Seiler C, SantaCruz KS, Chen W, Blazar BR, Ohlfest JR. Superior efficacy of tumor cell vaccines grown in physiologic oxygen. Clin Cancer Res. 2010 Oct 1;16(19):4800-8.

Nordstrom LJ, Clark CA, Andersen B, Champlin SM, Schwinefus JJ. Effect of ethylene glycol, urea, and N-methylated glycines on DNA thermal stability: the role of DNA base pair composition and hydration. Biochemistry. 2006;45:9604-9614.