Ambulatory Clinics for the Physician Scientist

During the last 12-18 months of PhD training, all MSTP students enroll in the course Ambulatory Clinics for the Physician-Scientist.  MSTP students in this course work directly under the supervision of a physician-scientist mentor in a patient care clinic for half a day a week over a period of 18 weeks.  The course is completed twice with different physician-scientist mentors.  This course has been created specifically for MSTP students to:

  • Facilitate and ease the transition from PhD training back to clinical training by developing and refining ambulatory patient evaluation and management skills
  • Bridge the gap between science and clinical medicine by learning to develop disease mechanism hypotheses
  • Explore clinical specialties by selecting mentors working in specific fields of interest
  • Learn to balance research and clinical care in professional work
  • Establish networking/mentoring relationships with physician scientists working in a clinical area of interest

At the end of the Ambulatory Clinics course, students prepare a concept proposal in the form of a NIH Specific Aims page outlining an experiment to address a disease based-hypothesis.