Perhaps the most pressing and immediate unknown after deciding where to pursue your MD/PhD training is where you will live. University of Minnesota MSTP students take advantage of a broad range of housing opportunities in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.  Most, however, live within convenient commuting distance to the University; approximately 65% of our students live in apartments or homes in the immediate vicinity of the U of MN or in Minneapolis neighborhoods south of downtown.  You can use the web pages linked below to begin learning about areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, with some helpful links on locating housing. Feel free to also contact our current students to ask their advice on how to locate housing and for suggestions where to live.

As you begin your search for housing, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different neighborhoods in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Visit the U of MN housing web site for a map of areas in the immediate vicinity of the University.  On livemsp.org  you will find a complete list/profile of each of the Minneapolis-St. Paul neighborhoods. More information on Minneapolis neighborhoods, with links to specific neighborhood groups and associations, is available at the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program web site.


There are many methods of locating rental properties in the Twin Cities area. Forrent.com is an easy engine for locating a variety of apartments in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Once you are a U of MN student, the U of MN Off Campus Housing Service can offer assistance in locating a specific property. Feel free to browse this site before matriculation for answers to commonly asked questions about living near the University.


For those interested in purchasing a house or condominium while in Minnesota, the MLS Online can help you locate properties in specific neighborhoods of "the cities".